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Programming note:

Light posting over the holidays.  Also, abnormally wistful, sanguine stuff.  After the New Year, expect a return to godfuckingdammit what is the government DOING? Don’t worry, it’ll be back.

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A quick word on format

So we’ve moved, because WordPress > Blogspot.

Since I just copied over all the old Blogspot posts, I’ve labeled them all with their original date and author for clarity. All subsequent posts will, obviously, now have the correct automatic date and author stamps.

That is all.

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August 7 (Originally posted by Mireille)
“I christen thee Dinosaurs When You Least Expect Them . May the good Lord find you in favorable seas!”

We’ve decided to take another crack at this blogging thing. Our goal is to forge productive, insightful discussions about subjects near and dear to our hearts–politics, policy, economic+social justice, gender, race+ethnicity, religion, sexuality, ethics, history, etc. and their convoluted and often glorious intermingling. We will attempt to post thoughtful blurbs and links of interest on a fairly consistent basis.

But don’t get your hopes too high, Kids.

Yours in Faith,

Mireille + Mischa

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