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Support our troops:

FORT SILL, Okla. — An Army social services coordinator here who told USA TODAY about poor conditions at Fort Sill’s unit for wounded soldiers has been forced out of his job, the employee and base officials said Tuesday.

Support our troops:

Soldiers meeting with Army Secretary Pete Geren here on Tuesday said Chuck Roeder, 54, was a strong advocate for their problems and should not have been forced to leave.

Support our troops:

Roeder’s departure Friday, following his contact with USA TODAY, was purely coincidental, said Col. Sam White, an executive officer at Fort Sill. He said Roeder has a history of confrontations with base officials. “They can say whatever they want to say, but they’re not being truthful,” Roeder said. “I stand up for soldiers. I’m sure the word got out that I’d encouraged soldiers to speak.”

Support our troops:

“Chuck’s been there for us many times,” said Sgt. Willard Barnett, 51, and an Iraq war veteran. “I know for a fact that he saved a couple of soldiers’ lives. Chuck was there for them and helped them get through a rough time.”

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ps: if you need cheering up on a bad news day, I recommend some doughnut-shaped Jewish bread with a little somethin on it.   But please, no blood for poppy seeds.


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