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Spent my Sunday canvassing.  We drove, 2 hours and 45 minutes, to somewhere south of Richmond.  It was the pro-America part of America, and I made sure to get my passport stamped.  Among the local sights:

To be fair, Bass Pro Shop has locations in New York, Massachusetts, and Montreal, so it may be a Trotskyist front group.  As for the black Republicans, they have a massive billboard on I-95…

…that says…

…”Martin Luther King was a Republican.

I swear to God, Black GOP FTW! (On that matter, I’m still with J.C. Watts’ own father):

“A black man voting for the Republicans makes about as much sense as a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

Anyway, we end up in a town called Petersburg.  Sleepy little place, looks a lot like the Hudson River towns of my childhood.  Dusty antique stores, empty mid-market restaurants, a decrepit bus and train station, some churches, and shuttered-down warehouses being eaten by out-of-town artists and local roaches.  The town is actually majority-black, but it’s solidly the southern part of the state and not somewhere you’d have even seen a Kerry office; let alone one packed with 75 people from as far away as Toronto.

The canvassing itself was limited.  Turns out, by the time we arrived at 3 PM Sunday, they had nearly completed all the 2nd passes on their lists.  This wasn’t the PRNV, this was actual Dixie; and yet, the ground-game was significantly ahead of schedule.  After a pretty short run through some tree-lined streets, I ended up giving away half a stack of door hangers to passersby on the street.

We are on the ground, in the street, and in people’s doorways – everywhere.  I have a very, very good feeling about Virginia.  The polls close at 7, so we’ll know real early how the Commonwealth goes.  (If Virginia turns blue, you can punch your bingo tickets and hit the victory bong by prime-time.)  And if you’re ever down Petersburg way, it’s actually a cool little town.  Check out the the Sycamore Rouge, an adorable cabaret that was blasting Billie Holliday as we drove away.  Yes We Can.

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