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Mireille: there is a great deal of lacking in the teen sex news area
Mireille: what the hell else can I blog about
Steven: Au contraire
Steven: palins 17 year old daughter is pregnant
Its true, 17 year old Bristol Palin is indeed pregnant. The Mccain camp is trying to spin this “as the kind of situation that ordinary American families face”. And indeed it is–In fact, teen pregnancies is on the rise in the United States for the firs time in 14 years.
I don’t report this for the sake of slut-shaming but rather as an occasion to comment on Palin and her ilk’s hypocrisy. This will not make Palin reevaluate her stance on sex education. She is squarely in the abstinence only camp, which she is clearly teaching her own children. We see how far this has gotten them. Abstinence only sex education is just setting kids up for failure, it doesn’t make teenagers less likely to be sexually active but it does make them less likely to protect themselves. The Mccain camp also emphasized that Bristol decided on her own to keep her baby–As if she had much of a choice in the matter. One can’t help but feel sorry for her, she never had a chance in hell. She clearly never had the information a person her age needs to make an informed decision about sexual activity. Whats more she really has no other option but to keep the child and marry the father because her entire support system would abandon her otherwise. She must pass the rest of her pregnancy under intense scrutiny with the entire Christian Right paying her public lip service, all the while likely calling her all manner of awful names behind her back. Bristol Palin, you are a stronger woman than I. I personally apologize for the shit sandwich life has handed you.

Anyway, could you just imagine how they’d spin it if one of Obama’s daughters were a bit older and pregnant? CNN would lead with CRISIS IN THE BLACK FAMILY. Focus on the Family’s James Dobson would not simply shrug and say forgive and forget. We would hear nothing but how liberalism is ruining the American Family (capital A, capital F) and John Mccain would not be nearly as classy or charitable as Obama has been.

For those of us who are not nearly as scrupulous about political children, here are a few pictures of Bristol and Levi courtesy of the New York Daily News.

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