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Here’s the highlights of the first evening:

David Gregory blathered that the Obamas are trying to make Americans comfortable with them. Because you know, we’re voting on dinner guests. Says Michelle has a “threshold test,” and that there are “questions about her.” I have questions about David Gregory, but no one asks me.

-I love me some populist Jim Webb, but tonight he name-dropped our “Jacksonian base.” Really? We’re trailing among likely Indian-killers?

-There is nothing like hearing Mike Barnicle say “I’m a strong black woman.”

-Scarborough was down on the floor concern trolling about Obama’s poll numbers when Olbermann countered with a different poll in which McCain has lost seven points among likely voters since last week. Olbermann then asked Scarborough if he could actually back up what he’s saying. It got awkward right quick.

-Bill Maher on MSNBC: “People get stupider every election cycle, they think offshore drilling is going to lower the price of gas and they think Obama the black guy with the single mother is an elitist.”

-(Former) GOP Rep. Jim Leach spoke as the token convert. Leach is a good man, even if Loebsack is better. In his losing campaign, the 30-year incumbent refused to take not only PAC money but any money raised outside of his district. He also insisted that the national GOP drop a mailer it had planned attacking his opponent on gay marriage. Leach was always a good egg and it was nice to see him somewhere he belongs.

-Teddy Kennedy is a lion. And I’m not ashamed to say he makes me cry. Go re-watch this too.

-Chuck Todd very positive on Pelosi. “Hasn’t been polarizing,” won and expanded Congressional majorities “unlike Gephardt,” “has done a lot to shift this party towards Obama.” Matthews asks whether that makes her and Clinton rivals, because Matthews sees politics as prison film. Todd notes that the two leaders of the party, Pelosi and Howard Dean, “don’t owe the Clintons anything.”

-Pelosi is a bad speaker but she got her headline quote in: “John McCain has the experience…of being wrong.” Also notes that she’s the first Italian-American Speaker of the House. We don’t really think of white ethnics as having barriers today, but it’s worth noting that her and a central-casting Irish Catholic were two of the stars of the night.

-JIMMY! Comes out with a cameo to “Georgia On My Mind.” This is worth watching.

-Gene Robinson says the press is overstating the disunity narrative. Norah O’Donnell discusses Bill’s “psychodrama,” and Pat Buchanan calls this a “deep wound” because HRC wasn’t vetted for VP. Rachel Maddow notes that the self-identified Democrat used in a McCain tv ad was interviewed and said she thought McCain was pro-choice. Buchanan counters that this “doesn’t matter,” to which Maddow calls Clinton dead-enders “post-rational.” I can’t wait for September 8.

-Tom Brokaw and Sibelius look like brother and sister.

-Michelle Obama’s brother is the head basketball coach at Oregon State. This led to the first and last time anyone shouts GO BEAVERS at a convention. GO BEAVERS!

-Michelle = Winner. She nailed it. Look at the immediate article from the often-terrible Associated Press:

DENVER (AP) — Michelle Obama declared “I love this country” Monday as she sought to reassure the nation that she and her husband Barack share their bedrock values and belief in the American dream.

In the first major address at the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama said she and Barack Obama feel an obligation to “fight for the world as it should be” to ensure a better future for their daughters and all children.

The Obamas two daughters, Sasha and Malia, joined their mother on stage after the speech as Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” blared from in the convention hall.

You won’t get a better AP opener than: “Michelle Obama declared “I love this county…” Howard Fineman: “I think Michelle dug herself beautifully out of any hole she may have dug herself… it was classy, it was humble…” Fineman used the word “beautiful” four times in two sentences. These assholes matter, so yeah. Beautiful.

-General truth, Democrats pwn music. Saturday, Obama came out to U2’s City of Blinding Lights. Biden followed to Springsteen’s The Rising. Carter of course had his usual Georgia on my Mind, while Michelle rocked Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely? For comparison, John McCain tried to use Jackson Browne and got himself sued.

mireille: I wish Michelle could talk about policy
and didn’t have to shuck and jive for family and girl issues
me: Biden is like, I’d hit that. Not actually hit it, because I have a good record on violence against women.
But hit it like, you know.
mireille: quote of the night mischa

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