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This is wicked. Really wicked. And I love it:

“…The torture that was deployed against McCain emerges in all the various accounts. It involved sleep deprivation, the withholding of medical treatment, stress positions, long-time standing, and beating. Sound familiar?

According to the Bush administration’s definition of torture, McCain was therefore not tortured.”

Sullivan is an interesting cat with a slight history of McCarthyism but generally iconoclastic tendencies. (Eh, what’s a fifth column between friends?) He’s full-on the Obama bandwagon, and McCain certainly isn’t driving him starboard any time soon.

Frankly I have little to nothing to add to this article. It’s absolutely vicious, hits McCain dead-on, and Sullivan is just the person to do it. (Fortunately, pundits are less likely to get the Clark treatment.) Of course, there’s no way the central point picks up any currency whatsoever in the press. Not with Mr. NounVerbPOW. That said, it sure is nice to see someone playing a bit of legitimate hardball for our side for a change.

ps. congrats to Rachel Maddow, for real. And kudos to Keith, without whom this doesn’t happen.

pps. here’s your obligatory fluff piece.

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