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I swear, on CNN right now, Jeannie Moos is reporting on “Obama’s sniffles: Spreading germs on the campaign trail.” Really really. “The threat of Presidential candidate cooties didn’t deter this crowd,” and pictures of little kids putting their fingers in their mouths. Even better, they’re now showing months-old footage of Obama blowing his nose at a rally. Blitzer returns us to the studio with “gesundheit to all of you.”

And when I turn on WETA instead, I get Fred Kagan’s analysis of Georgia. Yes, that Fred Kagan. I swear, if I wanted jowls with my dinner I’d call Blankley. To be fair, Kaptain Kaganroo is on with a guy from Council for a Livable World. But then, Quinnipiac just found that twice as many Americans (55%-27%) trust McCain to deal with the crisis in Georgia rather than Obama. So I remain in agreement with the Sage of Baltimore:

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

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