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Kids Loves the Economist

If you’ve known me 20 minutes, no doubt I’ve told you one of my father’s great tidbits of advice: If you want to pass the Foreign Service exam, read every issue of The Economist cover to cover for 2 years. Now, I have no real desire to be an FSO but I have inherited an ardent love of this spectacular publication.

Apparently I’m not the only one–The Guardian spotlighted two examples demonstrating the Economist’s shift in readership. The first is a delightful rap song by a duo called Psikotic with lyrics like “The style in which they write is simple and concise, how do they get their sentences so precise?”. The second is a facebook group (that I’ve been a memeber of for a long time) called Sir – I am rather fond of your publication The Economist. Unbeknown to me, the founder was a Canadian secondary school student.

For their part, the publication seems to welcome the diversification in readership. For those who have never read it, you should know from the jump that it has a decidedly pro free trade and democratic slant to it. Slant is putting it too lightly–it has an incline worthy of skiing. It redeems itself with its letters to the editor. I can’t think of anywhere else you’ll find the Australian Interior Minister on the same page as an Iowan farmer. They might not agree, but they’re right next to each other!

That’s worth the $8 a week to me.

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